Super Sexy and Delicious SXC aims to provide adult content consumers, performers and producers a fast, stable and secure method of accepting micro transactions, protecting their customers privacy and progressing adult retail services into the crypto age.

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SXC has a calm block time of 60sec with 6 confirmations and the difficulty re-targets around every 30 minutes. SXC is a very stable coin in both wallet and network which can be used with confidence.


There will be a total production of 250,000,000 coins with miners rewarded 100 coins per block, halved every 600,000 blocks. The client connects on port 9560 and if your lucky some blocks are worth x5 or even x50.

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You can keep up-to-date with all the latest SXC going's and coming's at the offical SXC forum.

You can also chat direct with the development team and get technical support on the SXC IRC channel. We are all real friendly, cute and impossibly cuddly.

Performers / Retail

Seeking to offer performers and industry professionals a viable method of accepting micro transaction style payments for all manner of sexy goods and services.

SXC provides an anonymous payment option which even your most discreet clients will appreciate.

Our Business Model

Sexcoin is the first industry specific cryptocurrency targeting the Adult Entertainment Industry. The developers chose Sexcoin's niche with care.

Statistics show that the Adult entertainment Industry has an annual global turnover of 96 billion dollars, with 28,258 internet users viewing adult material every second which are essentially digital goods. These goods are generally worth little per item, which makes the industry eminently suitable for adoption of the microtransactional business model. Due to fees charged on each transaction with traditional payment systems the industry has struggled to adopt a microtransactional business model, which has been so successful in other online entertainment industries such as gaming and music and in some cases credited with reviving them. The microtransactional business model is also more attractive to the consumer as they are no longer fettered by time constraints imposed by the subscription business model, and can pay for only the content they want, when they want.

The microtransactional business model can be adopted in addition to the existing subscription model. As such it presents to the provider a low risk way of accepting additional payments, and increasing their customer base. It has the potential to allow customers to purchase material from promotional pages affiliated to the site, increasing points of sale.

In the case of Sexcoin gaining wide spread adoption for digital goods in the adult industry, not only does SXC provide a safe, private payment method, but also the industry has struggled with traditional payment methods. The use of credit cards has left the industry open to "friendly fraud" whereby customers charge back payments and "unfriendly fraud" whereby stolen credit card details are used as payment to check their validity. With banks charging fees to the content provider when this occurs, the Adult Industry is essentially high risk and has had difficulty with banks refusing to help them in their commerce. Providers of adult material have unsuccessfully searched for alternative payment systems.

The industry has in some cases adopted Bitcoin as a payment option because it eliminates this problem entirely, however while SXC has not been crafted as a global currency for all transactions and cannot compete with Bitcoin in this purpose, It has been designed and branded specifically for this niche, and out performs and can out compete Bitcoin within it. SXC is not designed for speculation as a digital commodity and does not depend on rarity for value. It is designed for commerce with enough coins being generated to make it more affordable per unit and more easily obtained by the consumer. SXC is ten times faster to confirm than Bitcoin, but the block time is slow enough to ensure the data from commerce is propagated throughout the network. It does not use experimental algorithms which may lead to instability, but relies upon proven ASIC resistant scrypt.

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Reddit: 18+! NSFW

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Performers Forum:  18+! NSFW

Want to buy or sell goods or services, or just need a place for industry advice ?. Connect with others!.


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Businesses Accepting Sexcoin

General Websites
Holden Matarazzo Freelance Artist
Me Plus 1 Digital Music Downloads
Fair Draw Charitable Lottery
BTC Pipe Shop  Pipes and Accessories 
E C Habit E.C. Liquids
Waterido Water Purification
Citrus Fit Weight Loss & Detox
51 Attack Crypto Miner Fashion
Trade4Bitcoin Comics & Collectables
Bitezze Metals & Jewellery 
MintageMastermind Precious Metals 
Coin Bucks Collectable Notes
Cryptovest Physical Cryptocurrency 
Xbox Live Trials Xbox Codes
Crypto Game Keys Video Games 
143VPN VPN Services
VPS 4 Me Hosting
Brown Box Tech Computer Hardware
Stickerz Lab Decorative Stickers
Grkreationsdirect  Promotional Products
Cryptocoin Stuff Crypto Advertising Material
BitStickers  Promotional Stickers 
Synthetic Vibrations  Research Materials
Adult Websites 18+NSFW
CryptoSexToys Adult Toys & Lingerie
Cryptoxxx Adult DVDs & Bluray
Cryptobooks Erotic E-Books
Lynortis 3D Porn Adult Videos & Pictures
Dickgirl Porn City  Erotic 3D Art
Porn Database Earn SXC writing reviews

Our Development Plans

Sexcoin is a community based opensource software project. As such, there is no one "owner" or "manager". While this means development can be chaotic, it also means the community attracts the efforts of truly creative and talented people.

Sexcoin is one of the older currencies, and while it has drawn criticism for the speed of it's development and a lack of promotion, it has outlasted many coins. Quite simply the developers of Sexcoin believe in it's potential and are willing not only to build the infrastructure it requires for widespread adoption in the industry, but take the time to ensure product quality and security.

In an atmosphere of increasing belief in quick profits, currencies that rely on gimmicks or celebrity for their success and abandoned and failed currencies, Sexcoin and it's community stand out for the commitment to a long-term plan for success.

To quote "Lavajumper", an IT professional who manages the projects code :

"Sexcoin is a long-term project, if you're looking to get rich overnight, this is probably not the coin you want. In our early strategic planning, we developed a 2 YEAR strategy. We are not just on track for that strategy, we are ahead.I'm going to lay out parts of the 'roadmap':"

  • Webmaster Kit

  • Developer SDK

  • Paper Wallets

  • QR Code Network

  • Client Plug-in Architecture

  • Thin Client (0 Blockchain)

  • Intergrated Cam-Chat

  • Escrow Service

  • SXC/Fiat Payment Processer

  • Third Party Recurring Payments

"If you think about this list, it requires a good deal of both work and planning. Our planning is such that our goal for the client we've been talking about will be the last 'hard-fork' required for a long time. So any changes made now, in addition to fixing stuff, also has to keep in consideration that any of the things listed above won't require another fork.There are some things above, that the dev team is working on that we simply cannot discuss, because of the sensitivity of some of the negotiations. Other things on the list above we don't feel comfortable 'farming out' to just anyone."

The developers of sexcoin are adapting the software to the needs of the industry, rather than expecting the industry to adapt to the software.


About Us

Check out who's involved in the SXC software and services development, we all hail from the Bitcointalk forums and unite under a banner of inclusion. Gay, straight, male, female or trans, Sexcoin seeks to solidify and progress a community of open minded free thinkers. (obligatory sexy pics)


Ace Of Spades


Dev / Pools




Absolute Legend


Miner / Retail (NSFW)


Content Generator Lynortis (NSFW)


Mining is the process of obtaining coins using your personal computer, to mine SXC you will need a Radeon GFX card and the AMD SDK. You can then connect to a 'Pool Server' and start getting some SXC.

GUI Miner, Windows, Newbie Friendly.
Download Cgminer for windows
Download Cgminer Other Systems

E-pool P2pool

Type: P2pool
Static URL:
Bitcointalk Thread


Type: 1% PPLNS
Static URL:
Bitcointalk Thread

Lavajumper's Lavapit

Type: Stratum/PPLNS 1% Pool fee
Static URL:
Bitcointalk Thread

CoinPool PPLNS

Type: ?% PPLNS
Static URL:
Bitcointalk Thread

Ecoining PPLNS

Type: 1% PPLNS
Static URL:
Bitcointalk Thread


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